Alliance Marble & Granite will deliver a quality product with exceptional service at a competitive price. We have one of the largest selections of imported stone slabs in Yangon. We stock only finest quality granite, marble, engineered marbles and other slabs in our 40,000-square foot indoor warehouse.


Visit our newly finished showroom in ThiriYadana to see finished exterior cladding, exotic interior finishes, bathroom and kitchen countertops, stone samples, sinks and faucets, our numerous edge selections, and our impressive project portfolio.

On-site Fabrication, Expert Installation & After service

Your stone is cut by our experienced craftsman using state-of-the-art fabrication technology. All work is done on-site and not outsourced. Our skilled installers take great care to make sure every job fits exactly as templated before applying a penetrating stone sealer for maximum stain protection. Once the installation is completed, we can also provide yearly maintenance to your beautiful stone surface with our professional team.

Emin NANO Glass

Microcrystalline stone is a patterned composition of glass material. The material is processed with heat by controlling the crystallization, which is a polycrystalline solid material that contain both phases of microcrystalline and glass.

It is also called “21stCentury Green decoration material”, which contain of ceramic, glass and stone. This is a new generation of “green” material that is suitable for building exterior, interior wall, flooring and decorative columns.

The benefits of choosing such material includes: availability of larger slab, customizable, and ware resistance.

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